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Flowers & Foliage

3D Chrysanthemum by Linda Davies

Beginner Beaded Blossom Brooch by Gina Brummet

Bunnies & Tulips by Kathleen Minniti

Cherry Blossom by Anita Barry

Spiral Knot Stitch Flower by Jennifer Williams

Lilac by Susan Philipo

Heard It Through The Grapevine By Joy Critchfield

Priscilla's Shamrock By Georgia Seitz

Basket of Flowers Front Cover Design for NHY By Dagmar Pezzuto 

Autumn Leaf By Sherry Pence

Lochness Monster Flower By Claudia Meza

Flower with Tatting and Hairpin Lace By Dagmar Pezzuto

Cluny Flower Step by Step By Dagmar Pezzuto

Shamrocks in a Vase By Dagmar Pezzuto

Flor Rosa Maria By Dagmar Pezzuto

Table Runner with Applied Flowers By Dagmar Pezzuto

Tatting Applique By Daniela Mendola

Paperclip Shamrock By Ellen Lai

Bloomin Shamrock By Gina Brummett

Lucky Shamrock By Gina Brummett

The Classic Rosette By Georgia Seitz

August Birthday Flower Poppy By Jon Yusoff

3-D Rose By Jeanne Lugert

3-D Rose Brooch By Jeanne Lugert

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