Georgia established The Online Tatting Classes (TOTC) in 1999. Shortly after in 2002, she along with 3 other tatters formed the Palmetto Tatters Guild. Georgia has taught hundreds, if not thousands of in-person classes, all the while also publishing many sought after tatting books. After 20 years of teaching The Online Tatting Classes in a Chat Room, Georgia retired in 2019.

Passing the baton (shuttles) to the next generation, Georgia turned The Online Tatting Classes over to Tamie Montgomery at the time of her retirement in 2019.  Tamie now strives to take the classes in the direction of Georgia's vision - into the digital world.

Georgia's contributions to the world of tatting is tremendous! The volumes of time and energy she put into developing a website, teaching staffing for the online classes, and her many other activities promoting tatting have been a wonderful and invaluable gift to tatters around the world!


One of her many interests was helping with the Antique Pattern Library.  Her work in gathering and sharing vintage, out-of-print tatting books with the world of tatters has been an invaluable act of preservation.


Georgia started a scholarship fund to help tatters attend one of the largest tatting conventions in the United States -The Palmetto Tatters Guild's Tat Days. The scholarship Georgia instituted continues to help offset financial costs to those who want to attend the many classes offered there.

Georgia is loved by many and her presence in class will be truly missed. She still participates in the tatting community as much as she can.  Her pace is slower and she's not as large of a presence as she once was, though. She has closed her AKTatter Country Store, and we wish her a long happy retirement full of threads that make beautiful lace!


Tamie was inspired by Georgia to learn how to tat. Having inherited some tatting shuttles at a very difficult time in her life, she embarked on her tatting journey.  First on the list was finding out what these shuttles were for. After many failed attempts to find someone to teach her, she ran across Georgia's site and fell in love with tatting from the start. She was eager to learn, just as many new tatters are... Georgia personally taught her: patience first, then the rest followed suit.


In 2004, Tamie began making YouTube videos.  What started out being a way to share what she had learned, so other's could learn by watching her technique, soon grew in popularity. In 2005, Georgia recruited her and she began officially making videos for TOTC.  Tamie was hooked, the tatting bug had claimed her as a victim, and she couldn't have been happier.


Though still a student, Tamie began to receive video project ideas from Georgia to put up for the students. Tamie was happy to oblige -feeling that in doing so she could repay Georgia for the gift of her tatting knowledge.  Georgia had given Tamie a life line in teaching her to tat.  Tamie seeks to continue Georgia's legacy and teaches in Georgia's honor, and with her blessing.


Tamie has closed her Etsy shop for a little while where she made all kinds of nifty items for tatters to TOTC.  Proceeds of that shop now help with the scholarship fund and the cost of running TOTC. Tamie is truly blessed to be given the opportunity to help new tatters learn the joy of making just one little stitch and learn what can be accomplished by doing so. She is overjoyed at the happiness it gives students, seeing them complete their first butterfly or snowflake. Moving tatting forward into future generations makes both her and Georgia very happy. Tamie's goal is to keep the classes going for many years to come to honor Georgia's legacy. 


Tamie Montgomery - Administrator of the Classes; Intermed/Advanced Shuttle Teacher - Please read about her in the paragraph above.  If you feel you need more information, well then, you need to cease with your nosiness and find a new hobby!  How about tatting??

Angie Kovarovic - Beginner Shuttle Tatting Teacher - Angie feels born in the wrong era, at times.  Interested in all things "home- crafted," she learned many fiber arts late in life.  Angie's dear friend Grace spoke often of this art form called "tatting."  Intrigued, Angie found some shuttles and with the help of Tamie's videos, soon learned to tat.  Grace passed recently at age 93, but she'd be so proud to know that Angie's not only tatting, but teaching it to others.  "I do it in honor of you, Gracie!"

Laurel McFarlane - Pattern Permissions Acquisition - Laurel is a tatter who loves creativity, ingenuity, and serendipity which inspires her to find our teaching material.  Always ready to "DocuSign" away. Laurel appreciates designers’ talent and their copyrights. It is her goal to preserve as many free and non-premium patterns as possible for future generations of students to learn from designers long into the future.  Web - mastering!


Others may join, but this is our merry band of staffers for now.  Our sincere hope is that you will help us carry on this beautiful artform well into the future; teaching many generations to tat.