Tatting Design Class 2022

Thursdays 3:00 EST

Taught by Sue Fuller

First 6 Week Session

March 31st - May 5th

Homework List - Will be updated weekly

03/31/22   Meet & Greet - Supplies - Class Overview 
                   Handout: Elements & Principles of Design

04/07/22   Design Elements: : Line, Space & Shape
                   Tatting Elements: Chains, Rings, Clovers, Daisies, Motifs & Medallions
                   Handouts: Beginner's Doily by Harolahlala, The Shade Tree Designer

                                    Basic Shapes Template


04/07/22   Design Process
                   Handouts: The Design Process     Preliminary Project Worksheet

 04/14/22  Techniques for Members Projects: Curved Chains,
                                                           Straight Chains (Balanced Double Stitch), Floating Chains 

 04/21/22  Mignonette Tatting & False or Floating Chain Review


 04/28/22  Motif & Medallion Centers & the Classic Wheel

                   Handouts: 3" Round Grid Design Worksheet

                                     3" Square Grid Design Worksheet