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Beginner Shuttle Tatting Classes

Classes are held on Tuesday's at 2:00 P.M. Eastern 1 PM Central 12 PM Mountain and 11 AM Pacific 

Please check the world clock for your location at

The early class today is all about techniques. So today we will be working on the 2 techniques that are a must know among tatters. The folded join and the lock join. The use for both and when you need to use them. Also we will be working in our Tatting journal today as well. We will be tatting chains and placing them into the journal for later use and we will also be putting both joins in the journal with description of how to achieve both so when we look back on them we will know how to create them. We will also document any other terms used to describe them. So come join us for the in-depth knowledge of terms and techniques used in tatting. 


Class time is 2 PM Eastern, 1 PM Central, 12 PM Mountain, 11 AM Pacific

Class times are --> 2PM Eastern, 1 PM Central, 12PM Mountain and 11 AM Pacific

Class Channel -->

Supplies needed :


Tatting Shuttle and Thread

Printable Ruler


Your Tatting Journal


Double Sided Tape, Glue, Whatever you are going to use to stick your sample pieces into your journal. 


Willingness to learn 



Beginner classes will take you from having the tools to learning how to use them and new techniques along with patterns to work on as you progress. We offer live classes and if you need a little more of a boost we are willing to schedule a one on one class session with you so you too can learn the Art of Tatting

Supplies necessary

Tatting shuttle or needle, thread and scissors.

The willingness to learn, enthusiasm and we will make sure you succeed in your tatting journey.

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