Beginner Shuttle Tatting Class Fall 2022

Tuesdays 2:00 pm  & 8:00 pm EST

Taught by Tamie Montgomery

First 6 Week Session

Tuesday 9/20/22 
     Lesson: Discussion of terms, what they mean, and how to read         patterns using those terms.
     Beginning the first part of the Beginners Doily


     Palmettos Pattern Notation by Palmettos Tatting Guild

     Reading & Writing Patterns by Georgia Seitz

     Double & Triple Picot Methods by Mark Myers

     Harolah's Beginner Doily by Harolahlala, The Shade Tree Designer
         Beginner Doily Diagram

Tuesday 9/13/22 - Meet & Greet   
How to tat a Double Stitch (ds)