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Making the Double Stitch The Online Tatting Class Video

Making the Double Stitch Photo step-by-step by Carries Tatting

Reverse Work - RW, Turn Work - T, Rotate Work - Rot

Reading & Writing Patterns by Georgia Seitz

Regular Join, Up Join, Down Join by Georgia Seitz

Thoughts on Joining & the Shuttle Join by Georgia Seitz


Josephine Chains & Victorian Sets by Georgia Seitz

Split Chain by Georgia Seitz

Loop Made Chain By Anastasija P. Yelisejeva

Cluny Tatting

Cluny Instructions by Georgia Seitz

Cluny Instructions from Pricscilla Tatting Book #3 pgs. 18 - 19

Double Cluny Instructions by Carmin Barrón

Hanging Cluny Instructions by Ruth Perry

Cluny Looms

Make a 'Plastic Canvas Star' Cluny Loom by Pat Tittizer

Make a 'Clever Cluny Loom' Study by Lorraine Eisbrenner Wolak


Tied, Catherine Wheel & Alligator Joins by Georgia Seitz

Catherine Wheel, Coils, Spirals by Bev Dillon

Swirl Join By Nina Libin


The Class Tatted Wheel by Georgia Seitz

Mignonette Tatting

Mignonette Stitch by Georgia Seitz

Mignonette Tatting with Judith Connors

Mignonette Stitch Hanky Edging by Georgia Seitz


Double & Triple Picot Methods by Mark Myers

Celtic Picot by Georgia Seitz

Daisy Picot By Anne Orr as Demonstrated by The Shuttle Brothers

Pearl Tatting/Maltese Tatting

Reigo The Pearl Tatting Book

Pearl Tatting Diagrams

Sue Hanson's Pearl Tatting Basic's of Pearl Tatting

Onion Ring Tatting

Onion Ring By Aurora Lozara

Using Beads in Tatting

Adding a Bead in The Center of a Split Ring By Jane Eborall

Beading Tatting Plan Part 1 By Georgia Seitz

Beading Tatting Plan Part 2 By Georgia Seitz

Bead Wrangler Bead sizes and other bead information

Interlocking Rings

Tatting Interlocking Rings By Georgia Seitz


2 Shuttle Ring By Anastasija P. Yelisejeva

4 Maltese Rings Variations By Anastasija P. Yelisejeva

Split Ring High Five Method By Cynthia Stevenson

Curled Ring Options By Muskaan

Folded Rings By Martha Ess


Bullion Stitch By Ruth Perry

Bullion Stitch and Roll Tatting By Sue Fuller

Dora Young Knot Stitch By Jane Eborall

Balanced Double Stitch By Rozella Linden

Reverse Work Turn Work Line of Progression By Georgia Seitz

Padded Double Stitch By Jane Eborall

Design Information

Arranging Focal Points & Focal Lines Rectangle By Kaye Judt

Principles of Design Balance By Kaye Judt

Tatting In Color By Carolyn Groves

Decorating Tatted Foundations By Angelina Rozanova

Elemental Approach to Tatting Design By Eliz Davis

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