Making the Double Stitch The Online Tatting Class Video

Making the Double Stitch Photo step-by-step by Carries Tatting

Reverse Work - RW, Turn Work - T, Rotate Work - Rot

Reading & Writing Patterns by Georgia Seitz

Regular Join, Up Join, Down Join by Georgia Seitz

Thoughts on Joining & the Shuttle Join by Georgia Seitz



Josephine Chains & Victorian Sets by Georgia Seitz

Split Chain by Georgia Seitz

Cluny Tatting

Cluny Instructions by Georgia Seitz

Cluny Instructions from Pricscilla Tatting Book #3 pgs. 18 - 19

Double Cluny Instructions by Carmin Barrón

Hanging Cluny Instructions by Ruth Perry

Cluny Looms

Make a 'Plastic Canvas Star' Cluny Loom by Pat Tittizer

Make a 'Clever Cluny Loom' Study by Lorraine Eisbrenner Wolak


Tied, Catherine Wheel & Alligator Joins by Georgia Seitz

Catherine Wheel, Coils, Spirals by Bev Dillon


The Class Tatted Wheel by Georgia Seitz

Mignonette Tatting

Mignonette Stitch by Georgia Seitz

Mignonette Tatting with Judith Connors

Netted Heartb by Gina Brummet

Mignonette Stitch Hanky Edging by Georgia Seitz


Double & Triple Picot Methods by Mark Myers

Celtic Picot by Georgia Seitz