Intermediate - Advanced Class 2022

Tuesdays 3:00 EST

Taught by Tamie Montgomery

First 6 Week Session

03/29/22  Meet & Greet - Supplies

04/05/22  (was postponed until 6th)
                  Node Stitch & Victorian Sets

Homework: Tat a series of sets using your own counts and describe your thoughts on the use of this technique and would you use it in the future of your tatting.   

04/12/22 Josephine Chain and Josephine Knots
Tat a Josephine knot using the count of 10 and the first half of the ds. Then tat another one using the same count and the second half of the ds. Describe which one you like better and do you like this stitch enough to adapt it into your own work.
The second part of homework is to tat a Josephine Chain with 20 first half ds and 20 second half ds. Tell me your thoughts on this chain and it's use.

04/19/22 Catherine Wheel Join And Lock Join 

Homework: Tat an onion ring and use the Catherine wheel join and then an onion ring without the Catherine wheel join. Use a lock join at the base of the onion ring without the Catherine wheel join.  Do this in a series of one each for 3 times. Let me know your thoughts on the 2 joins and what you learned about each of them. 
Handouts: Shuttle Join, Catherine Wheel Join,
                  Catherine Wheel, Coils, Spirals by Bev Dillon

04/26/22 Open Forum Discussion
              What techniques are hard for you to master. Join us today as we explore difficult techniques that you have learned this past few weeks before moving into our final week of this 6 weeks series with our last pattern from one of our designers, Phyllis Schmidt. 
Homework: Practice what you have learned and keep it in your tatting journal for future reference. 

05/03/22  Today we take on this pattern from Phyllis Schmidt the Owl Heart Pattern as the last pattern for this 6 weeks series of classes. We will return on May 17th after a brief hiatus to finish up the full semester of classes before summer break. So join us for a fun filled packed classroom of learning, laughing and enjoying. 

Homework: Tat up the Owl and show me how you incorporated it into your lifestyle.