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Holidays & Celebrations

Bell Cover by Terry McGuffin
Celtic Egg by Helen Bailey
Christmas Tree
 by Ruth Perry
Christmas Tree Earrings by Linda Davies
Easter Basket by Dagmar Pezzuto
 from Priscilla Tat
Priscilla's Shamrock from Ribbonwinner's Series Book 2 by Georgia Seitz
Zipper Pull Pumpkin with Teddy Bear Button Vicki Clarke
Quaker Pumpkin by Vicki Clarke
Quaker Pumpkin Edging by Vicki Clarke
Bottle Cap Pumpkin By Vicki Clarke
Bunnies and Tulips By Kathleen Minniti
Candy Cane By Stephanie Wilson
Jingle Santa By Carol Amich
Easter Basket With Bunny By Dagmar Pezzuto
Poinsettia in Tatting By Dagmar Pezzuto
Turkey with Seed Beads By Dagmar Pezzuto
Christmas Camel By Dolly Hollander
Paperclip For Dad By Ellen Lai
Paperclip Angels By Ellen Lai
Paperclip Fireworks By Ellen Lai
Paperclip Joy By Ellen Lai
Pumpkin 1 By Mary Maynard
Pumpkin 2 By Mary Maynard
Christmas Ornament By Jane Moody
Christmas Ornament Adaptation By Francis A. Harris
Autumn Pumpkin Part 1 By Mark Myers
Autumn Pumpkin Part 2 By Mark Myers
Autumn Pumpkin Part 3 By Mark Myers
Nativity Scene By Jenni Sherriff

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