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Our first Shuttle Tatting Concept: Double Stitch

Tatting is composed of what are referred to as double stitches on a core thread. The double stitch is most frequently abbreviated as "ds." Let's just make double stitches in a "chain" (straight line) for now.

Shuttle tatters will need to wind about 1 yard of their ugliest color on their shuttle and cut it from that ball. Tie a pretty ball of thread to the end of that ugly thread dangling from the shuttle (any knot)


Make the 2 halves of the double stitch as you see in the instructions below. You'll know you have done the 'flip' correctly when the stitch is the "pretty" color. Don't let it change back to the ugly one!



Many left-handed people say that they prefer to tat "right-handed" (methods illustrated above) because actually, the left-hand has the more difficult job (smaller adjustments). If you're left-handed, we recommend you try the above way first; if it's not working for you, here are left-handed illustrations:



You may also try viewing illustrations and videos in a mirror.

You will find that many authors use different terms for the same thing, and sometimes their methods are a bit different than others.


There is definitely more than one way to tat! There are no tatting police either, so you can choose what works best for you to produce tatting that looks good to you.

Have fun, we will see you in class!

Double Stitch Shuttletatting, left- and right-handed tatters

Double Stitch Shuttle tatting, left-handed tatters



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