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Snowflake & Stars

Balanced Double Stitch Snowflake by Stephanie Wilson

Basic Medallion Snowflake with Daisy Picot Variation by Stephanie Wilson

Block Tatting Berlin Snowflake from Occhi Patchwork by Adelheid Dangle

Cathy's Snowflake by Susan Hamel

Celtic Twisted Ring Snowflake by Ruth Perry

Dusting of Snow Snowflake by Harolahlala, the Shade Tree Designer

Snowdrift By Harolahlala, the Shade Tree Designer

Little Snowflake of David By Harolahlala, the Shade Tree Designer

May Snowflake of the Month adaption by Katie Verna - from the Silk Tatting Lesson Book Collar Fig. 19

Simple Christmas Star by Helen Stammers

Eastern Star by Ann Brady

2 Color Snowflake By Anne Bruvold

Hens and Chicks Snowflake By Georgia Seitz

The Alyeska Snow Drop By Georgia Seitz

The Denali Snowflake By Georgia Seitz

The Deshka Dancer Snowflake By Georgia Seitz

Comfort Tatting June 1925 Pg. 7 Star By Mrs. O.D. Humphreys

Bugle Snowflake By Corinna Meyfeldt

Snowflake with Sequins and Cluny Leaves By Dagmar Pezzuto

Crisscross Snowflake By Donata Jones

Paperclip Snowflake By Ellen Lai

Finiello Star By Charlene Finiello

German Snowflake Translation

Snowflake in Tatting and Hairpin Lace By Lenore English

Belle Flake By Julie Patterson

Christmas Snowflake By Julie Patterson

Awareness Star of Hope By Kathy J. Hodge


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