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Animals, Birds & Insects

Owl Heart by Phyllis Schmidt

Bunnies & Tulips by Kathleen Minniti
Bunny by Mark Myers

Happy Chick by Inger Kirstensen

Praying Mantis by Martha Ess

Owl On a Paperclip By Ellen Lai

Butterflies Are Forever Free By Cynthia Stevenson

Revised Butterflies are Forever Free By Cynthia Stevenson

Butterfly Project By Iris Niebach, Cynthia Stevenson & Anne Bruvold

Navi-Gator By Cynthia Stevenson

Collage Butterfly By Dagmar Pezzuto

Teddy Bear By Eliz Davis

Mattie the Bat By Erin Holloway

Tusk The Elephant By Harolahlala, The Shade Tree Designer

Paperclip Fish By Phyllis Schmidt

Dove By Joann Sterns


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