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 52 Earring Project

Variations from Forty Original Designs in Tatting  by Nellie Hall Youngburg

1. Beadcap Earrings By Melanie Cerve

2. Tatted Earrings By Kathy Potter

3. Butterfly Flower Earrings By Julie Patterson

4. Pink Ribbon Earrings By Lenore English

5. The Edging in an Earring By Riet B-engel

6. Findings By Carolyn Groves

7. Hoop Earrings By Carolyn Groves

8. Dragonfly Earrings By Wanda Salmans

9. Bouquet Earrings  By Vicki Clarke

10. Winsome Drop Earrings By Jane Eborall

11. Tealight Earrings By Barbara Bruyer

12. Fireman Banquet Earrings By Anita Barry

13. Nina Playing with the Same Pattern By Nina Libin

14. Earrings BNL-168aa By Nina Libin

15. Earrings BNL-168a-1 By Nina Libin

16. Earring 168a-basic Pattern By Nina Libin

17. Leaf with Dragonfly Earrings By Wanda Salmans

18. Brisbane Earrings By Dagmar Pezzuto

19. Earrings Based on Jon Yusoff's Bookmark By Nicki Burt

20. Earring Inspired by picture 24 in the  Priscilla Book 1 By Edda Guastalla

21. Sitka Rose Earrings by Georgia Seitz

22. Interlocking Rings Earrings By Dagmar Pezzuto

23. Cascade Icicle Earrings By Cynthia Stevenson

24. Celtic Flower By Lory Tatting

25. Maltese Earrings By Dagmar Pezzuto

26. Drop Loop Multi Beaded Earrings By Jane Eborall

27. American Flag Earrings By Sonya Loyd

28. Avis Earring By Edda Guastalla

29. Nabina One Pass Earrings By Nabina Trisha Nag

30. Magic Earrings By Vickie Reynolds

31. Earring with a Cluny By Dagmar Pezzuto

32. Earrings 2015-V By Nina Libin

33. Earrings with Beads and Hanging Cluny By Dagmar Pezzuto

34. Simple Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day By Stephanie Wilson

35. I’ve Been Bitten by the Love Bug By Erin Holloway

36. Dainty Snowflake Earrings By Erin Holloway

37. Dangling Coral Earring  By Aurora Lozada

38. Angel Earrings by Sonya Loyd

39. Tricolor Hanging Cluny Earrings By Dagmar Pezzuto

40. Verah's Earrings By Verah

41. Nellie's Earrings By Martha Ess

42. Branched Coral Earrings with Floating Josephine Chains By Barbara Grainger

43. Easy Earrings No Pattern By Karey Solomon

44. Clover Earrings By Claire Perrin

45. Ribbon Candy Earrings By Kaye Judt

46. Curled Rings Earrings By Muskaan

47. Star Anise Stud Earrings By Muskaan

48. Cascade Earrings By Jane McLellan

49. Ruby Necklace and Earrings By Donna Addis

50. Oceans of Pearls Earrings By Emilie Leluan

51. 3-D Rose Earrings By Jeanne Lugert

52. Thrown Rings Earrings By Sue Macleod

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