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The Online Tatting Class
Established By Georgia Seitz

Free Online Tatting Classes 

Welcome to the class registration to become an Online Tatting Class member: ​

All our videos are available on our YouTube Channel.

After you REGISTER, we will send you a registration confirmation to the email you provide.  Please be sure to read your registration confirmation email entirely. 

Once registered, you'll be able to attend all of the classes or special events.  There is no need to register for each class you wish to attend.  You will remain a registered class member until you contact us with request to be removed from our email class list.  As a registered class member, you will receive all emails for classes containing such things as: links to the classroom, special events info, and class materials. *Sometimes designers give us premium patterns to hand out as class materials.  These patterns are distributed to registered class members only- free of charge.

A little overview:

We have a total of 4 sessions per year.  Each session consists of 6 weeks.  Each teacher is responsible for setting her/his own curriculum, so each class may run a little differently.  For example, the Beginner Shuttle Class will run the Spring 1st and 2nd sessions as one continuous education unit.  These will repeat with the Fall 1st and 2nd sessions.  Same skills, different patterns and ways to practice those skills.

It is our hope that students will progress through Beginner, on to Intermediate, and through Advanced.  We are working toward having all of these classes for both needle and shuttle.  We also wish to add in a Design class.  Making future teachers or designers is our hearts' desire.  

If you have any questions, please email us the class email:  theonlinetattingclass@gmail.com
Please send Homework with required information to email: totchomework@gmail.com