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Endrucks Class Project

Class members Muskaan and Ninetta have done much more work with patterns from this book and have organized an Endrucks 1920 Project

They have also formed an Endrucks 1920 Facebook Group for tatters who actively work on this project.

Here is a link to the document file that explains how this has been done and is still being worked on today. More revisions are added all the time so go check this page out for more information. Enjoy!!!

The Endruck"s Project documentation and revisions

Pattern #11 rewritten by Georgia Seitz.

Pattern #22 rewritten by Muskaan, ©2015

Besides the Original pattern #22, here are some Adaptations/Deviations by Muskaan.  

Pattern #28 rewritten by Georgia Seitz. 

Samples of #28 tatted by Muskaan with added tips can be found on her Blog:

Revision of #28 By Muskaan

Pattern #37 

Sample # 37 tatted by Vicki Clarke. 


Figure 78 By Martha Ess

Endruck's #37 Square By Muskaan

Endruck's #37 Doily By Muskaan

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