Cluny Patterns

2-Color Cluny Necklace by Dagmar Pezzuto

1936 Cluny Hexagonal Motif from Coats & Clark #77 pg. 23 tatted by Mimi Dillman

Angel in a Cluny Heart by Dagmar Pezzuto

Cluny Alphabet by Dagmar Pezzuto
Cluny Angel by Carol Amich

Cluny Butterfly by Dagmar Pezzuto

Cluny Edging with Daisy Picots by Dagmar Pezzuto

Cluny Edging with Daisy Picots in Portuguese By Dagmar Pezzuto

Cluny Fan with a Birdie by Dagmar Pezzuto

Cluny Medallion Necklace with Beads by Dagmar Pezzuto
Cluny Motif by Saundra Hameed
Cluny Spring Earrings by Dagmar Pezzu
Cluny Tea Towel Edging by Dagmar Pezzuto

Double Cluny Rose by Carmin B

Rose de Noel by ElisaduSud, translated by Mimi Dillman
Screen with Cluny Flowers, Sequins and Seed Beads by Dagmar Pezzto
Split Ring Flowers with Joined Hanging Cluny Leaves
 by Ruth Perry

7 Point Cluny Snowflake By Dagmar Pezzuto

Spring Earrings with Cluny Leaves By Dagmar Pezzuto

Cluny Flower Vine By Rozella Linden

Split Ring Flower with Joined Hanging Clunies By Ruth Perry

Hanging Pumpkin with Cluny Leaves By Ruth Perry