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Jewelry and Accessories

Petal Dancer Earrings (shuttle) by Rachel Mohler

Petal Dancer Earrings (needle) by Rachel Mohler

3-D Rose  Earrings and Brooch by Jeanne Lugert

Nametag By A. J. Sutton

Fireman Banquet Earrings By Anita Barry

Tatted Sand Dollar Pendant By Kendra Goodnow

Dangling Coral Earring By Aurora Lozada

Tea Light Earrings By Barbara Bruyer

Floating Josephine Chain Earrings By Barbara Grainger

Rainbow Earrings By Sharon Briggs

Tatted Coin Bracelet By Bev Dillion

Hoop Earrings By Carolyn Groves

Clover Earrings By Claire Perrin

Rose Pendant and Earrings Adaptation of Vicki Clarke's "Roses are Red" By Coretta Loughmiller

Sakura Comb By Corinna Meyfeldt

Cascade Icicle Earrings By Cynthia Stevenson

Brisbane Earrings By Dagmar Pezzuto

Cluny Clover Square Necklace By Dagmar Pezzuto

Earrings with Cluny By Dagmar Pezzuto

Earrings with Red Beads and Hanging Cluny By Dagmar Pezzuto

Pendant By Dagmar Pezzuto

Interlocking Rings Earrings By Dagmar Pezzuto

Maltese Earrings By Dagmar Pezzuto

Bracelet with Metallic Thread By Dagmar Pezzuto

Spring Earrings By Dagmar Pezzuto

Earrings with Hanging Cluny Tricolor By Dagmar Pezzuto

Wandering Blooms Bracelet By Dawn McLaughlin

Jewelry Medallion Earrings By Muskaan

Little Pendant With Curled Rings By Ninetta Caruso

Ruby Lace Needle Tatted Choker By Donna Addis

Avis Earrings By Edda Gustalla

Priscilla Earrings By Edda Gustalla

Interlocking Rings By Edwige Renaudin

I Have Been Bitten By The Love Bug By Erin Holloway

Dainty Snowflake Earrings By Erin Holloway

Beginner's Beaded Blossom Brooch By Gina Brummett

Onion Ring Brooch By Georgia Seitz

Winsome Drop Earrings By Jane Eborall

Christmas Tree Brooch and Matching Earrings By Jane Eborall

Cascade Earrings By Jane McLellan

Awareness Ribbon Earring Pattern By Lenore English

Tatted Earrings By Kathy Potter

Ribbon Candy Earrings By Kaye Judt

Butterfly Flower Earring Pattern By Julie Patterson

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