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Celtic Heart by Ruth Perry

Ruffled Heart by Vicki Clarke

2002 Wally B'day Heart by Wally Sosa

2017 Muskaan Block Tatted Heart By Muskaan

Butterfly Heart By Irene Woo

Heart For The Holiday By Georgia Seitz

Onion Ring Heart By Georgia Seitz

Christmas Hearts By Ann Bruvold

Heart Pattern By Barb Foster

Hearts on a Paperclip By Ellen Lai

Spiral Heart By Ruth Perry

Knots Heart By Mary McCarthy

Ombre Block Tatted Heart By Teresa Woods

Netted Heart By Gina Brummet

Netted Heart Mignonette No. 1 By Gina Brummet

Heart's and Bows By Gina Brummett

Heart's Desire By Susan K. Fuller

Rosemarie Peels Heart By Rosemarie Peel

Heart Paperclip By Phyllis Schmidt

Heart Strings By Gina Butler

Holly's Heart Diagram By Lily Morales

Heart By Jan Stawasz

Hope In My Heart By Kristina Paas Memorium for Sept. 11, 2001

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