Beginner Shuttle Tatting Class 2022

Mondays 3:00 EST

Taught by Tamie Montgomery

Tuesday 3/29/22 - A special Meet & Greet for all the classes was held.                                                 Tatting Supplies needed were also discussed.

Monday 4/4/22  - Lesson 1: How to tat a double stitch (ds), a chain (Ch), & a ring. (R)

Monday 4/11/22 - Lesson 2: Up Join and Down Join and how are they made. What is the use for them and where are they used. More in depth on the ds and flip and some more common terms for you.
Handout: Regular Join, Up Join, Down Join

Homework: Tat a Ring and chain showing an up join and then a ring and chain showing the down join.

Monday 4/18/22 Lesson 3 Today we discuss terms and what they mean and how to read patterns using those terms. Also, Reverse Work - RW, Turn Work - T, Rotate Work - Rot

Homework: Study the terms and tell me where any 3 of these terms would be used or found in a pattern. The 3 terms are your choice.

Monday 4/25/22 Lesson 4 Today we work out all those little kinks several students are having with the pineapple pattern. We will be starting the pattern today and working it through step by step together. This is a 2 part series class which will finish up next week. 

Supply list is a cabone ring or curtain ring. Whichever size thread you choose, patience, and time to sit down and have some fun. Here is the link for the Pineapple Pattern

Homework: Practice the cabone ring technique and any other technique you feel you need to practice. This homework does not need to be turned in. This is strictly for your own practice. If you choose to try and finish the pattern on your own I would love to see your completed piece. 

Monday 5/2/22 Lesson 5: Today I show you how to finish the pineapple pattern and show you where the missed terms were in the pattern. This is also the final class of this 6 weeks. The classes will be on hiatus for the next 2 weeks for beginners. When we return we will pick up where we left off. See you again on May 16, 2022.

Homework: Finish your pineapple and make it into something you will either wear or use and send me a picture. The pattern is listed in the 4/25/22 class. 

First 6 Week Session